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Today we learn how the UK economy performed in April as parts of the country reopened after the lockdown.

One of the things we can watch out for today is the GDP of UK which will show us economic strength. So far, we’ve seen an uptrend in GDP. It has shown to be quite steady near the median instead of being erratic like previous months. Let’s see what happens later.

The main focus today is on the UK economy in the wake of this week’s comments from outgoing Bank of England chief economist Andrew Haldane who said that the economic rebound was going “gangbusters”, and that the Bank of England needs to start looking at turning off the stimulus tap.

This morning’s latest economic data could well add extra fuel to that argument.

During the first quarter the economy contracted -1.5%, however with the further easing of restrictions on April 12th optimism is high that April GDP is likely to see another decent monthly expansion, as Q2 gets off to a flier, with a 2.4% expansion expected, and top of the 2.1% in March. The strong PMI numbers in April further supports this view, with May expected to be equally as strong.

With the further relaxation of restrictions that were announced in April, optimism is rising that the decent performance that we’ve seen in the manufacturing sector over the last three months can be sustained into Q2.

UK economy expected to show an April boost #gbp #forex @CMCMarkets

EU #indices point higher as US bond yields fall, despite yesterday’s 5% US #CPI read.
The #markets saw enough one-off factors in the data to believe the Fed’s stance that high inflation is transitory.
Watch for UK #GDP shortly.#FTSE +0.17% #DAX +0.1%

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