Relegation’s too good for Boris Johnson and his team of Brexit fantasists | William Keegan


England’s football clubs may be of Champions League quality, but the current political debacle reveals our politicians are not

It turns out that throughout the Brexit discussions with the British government, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, was keeping a diary. That he managed to do this at the end of days of usually frustrating talks says something for Barnier’s staying power. And to judge from speculation about the next French presidential election, he intends to stay around for some time.

His diary has been published in France. Surprise, surprise: with one or two exceptions, the British side does not come too well out of what our football commentators would call “the Frenchman’s” reflections.

The ‘bureaucracy of Brussels’ was largely a myth. Now we do have bureaucratic delays to normal business, as a direct consequence of Brexit

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