What fishing rights mean to Brexit Britain | Letters


Readers discuss the importance of the fishing industry to a final deal with the European Union

Simon Jenkins is absolutely right (Boris Johnson must give up on fishing: it’s the only way to get a Brexit deal, 3 December). It would be an extraordinary act of self-harm if Britain failed to do a Brexit deal owing to the minuscule issue of fishing. Significantly more people work in Debenhams than in fishing. I think I’d describe the situation as mad if our government decides to destroy the economy in an attempt to help a few fishermen. It’s a sad sign that jingoistic nationalism before all else is still the government’s priority.
Sebastian Monblat
Sutton, London

• Uncharacteristically for him, Simon Jenkins misses the point: commercial fishing might be economically irrelevant to England, but it is of enormous political significance in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon would never be able to persuade the Scots to leave the union if it meant reopening Scottish water to EU fleets. For that reason, Boris Johnson is right to want to repatriate fishing rights.
Michael Heaton
Warminster, Wiltshire

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