If Rishi Sunak fears for the deficit, why does he back Brexit? | William Keegan


The chancellor’s hawkish turn is strange in a man so relaxed about the loss of output, and revenues, from leaving the EU

My Irish mother taught me always to “try to see the good in people”. Alas, with this government it’s a bit of a problem. George Osborne and his needless austerity programme was bad enough. But this lot are taking bad government to new depths.

Last week was very much Chancellor Sunak’s show. His speech on Wednesday was preceded by so many media leaks that very little came as a surprise. But I fear that behind that ingratiating smile lies an insouciant cynicism that, whatever it achieves for his almost naked ambition, will do this country no good at all.

Frankly, both Brexits are ‘hard’; it is just that no-deal would be even harder

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