'Build back better'? Sunak's spending review will further impoverish Britain | John McDonnell


People are crying out for inspirational leadership, secure jobs and investment. But all we get is austerity in disguise

Although it was billed as delivering “the people’s priorities”, Rishi Sunak’s spending review only demonstrates how distant the chancellor is from the experiences and priorities of our people.

The million workers who are predicted to lose their jobs by the end of the year – and the millions of others who have had their wages cut – will be unimpressed by cute slogans while Sunak bathes in the adoring glow of a pliant media. If, like workers at Heathrow, you’ve been ruthlessly fired and rehired with your wages savagely cut – or you have seen your jobs shipped abroad by a taxpayer-funded company, as workers at Rolls Royce in Barnoldswick have done – you would feel entitled to shout, “What about us?”

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