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John Marriott says Biden must succeed where Blair failed, Richard Yoell points out that Obama was cursed with a hostile and belligerent Senate, Philip Stenning is appalled by the idea of ‘tub-thumping left populism’, and Adam Hart argues that Covid-19 has forced neoliberal regimes to re-evaluate

George Monbiot (The US was lucky to get Trump – Biden may pave the way for a more competent autocrat, 11 November) is probably right about Barack Obama paving the way for Donald Trump, because the former failed to tackle big business. I would go even further and say that Tony Blair, another “breath of fresh air” at the time with his Tory-lite policies, more or less paved the way for our Trump – in the form of Brexit.

Both politicians had a clear electoral mandate to bring about fundamental changes to their societies: in Blair’s case, to change our parliamentary institutions, as, when it came to corralling business, the UK was very much, and still is, a bit-part player. In the end, his successor handed over a poisoned chalice to the Tory/Lib Dem coalition to attempt to clean up the mess and, after its failure, to face the consequences. Joe Biden, besides confronting neoliberalism, needs to do to his country’s political system what Blair failed to do to his.
John Marriott
North Hykeham, Lincolnshire

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