The baby boomers still want to make America great again | Phillip Inman


Trump may not have carried all before him, but in times of fear and inequality, his ideas still resonate – and not just in the US

Placards adorned with the slogans “America First” and “Make America Great Again” are destined for landfill now that the trap door of American politics has opened under Donald Trump’s feet. Some will put them aside for a possible return of “the Donald” in 2024 – should he avoid scrutiny over allegedly fraudulent tax returns, and should the Republican party back him again. Otherwise, millions of dollars of election paraphernalia are destined for the bin.

Yet a widespread belief that a change of guard at the White House means the yearning behind the slogans will disappear is naive. Every developed country has its version of America First, not least the UK. After all, what is Brexit if not a demand to put Britain first?

Rising prices and increasing automation make ordinary families panic about their ability to better themselves

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