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The degree to which year-on-year exports were affected depended on the trading partner. Exports to the People’s Republic of China decreased by just 0.1% to €8.7bn in July 2020 compared with July 2019. Exports to the United States, which have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic, dropped by 17.0% to €9.3bn. Compared with the same month last year, exports to the United Kingdom showed a decrease of 12.6% to €5.5bn in July 2020.

In July 2020, most imports came to Germany from the People’s Republic of China. Goods to the value of €10.3bn were imported from there, which was a 7.4% increase compared with July 2019. Imports from the United States fell by 14.8% to €5.2bn in July 2020. German imports from the United Kingdom were down 24.8% to €2.4bn.

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