If getting back to normal means mindless shopping, forget it | Suzanne Moore


The cycle of consumption has been transformed by the pandemic and we have seen through the miserable con of ‘retail therapy’

The past few months have been, for some, a time to re-evaluate their lives. They have not just worked at home, but worked on their homes and their bodies, tidying them up, getting into shape, sorting it all out. They have tips about how to structure our days as we Marie Kondo our souls.

But the year has not exactly worked out like that for me. The enormous pile of clothes and shoes in the corner of my room remains unsorted. These are the things I can’t live with and can’t live without. Does an object spark joy, asks Marie Kondo. Does an object spark stories, is my response. An old dress can set off memories, whoosh you back, even though you know you may never wear it again. How can you throw out those shoes you can’t walk in, but which aren’t just heels, but a golden ticket to a world you’d love to some day visit again? Tat and treasure.

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