‘Coming here is a necessity’: demand for food aid soars in US amid job losses


Nationwide the need for aid at food banks and pantries has surged amid worst unemployment rate in modern times

Neisha Davis cradles brown paper lunch bags in the crook of one arm, while holding on to Demitri, her wriggling baby son, in the other and keeping a careful eye on Naya, her four-year-old daughter, as she runs around the church car park with another little girl.

It’s hectic but the free packed lunches have become a crucial part of their daily nutrition. So everyday at noon the family make the two-mile journey from Homewood, a low income predominantly African American Pittsburgh neighbourhood with no grocery stores, to the East End Community Ministry’s pop-up lunch stall in East Liberty.

Hunger always impacts children hardest

Honestly, I’ve broken down thinking about food. I’m here because I can’t let my pride stop me from doing what I need to do

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