Rishi Sunak is riding high, but history shows No 11 can be a dangerous address


From Barber’s boom to Gordon Brown’s financial crisis, Britain’s current chancellor is treading a well-worn and precarious path

It never ceases to amaze me the way that the media, both reflecting and influencing public opinion, build public figures up – and then knock them down.

The latest public figure to be rising, and riding, high is chancellor Rishi Sunak. This man was virtually unknown to the wider world until the duumvirate running this country – prime minister Johnson and his principal adviser Dominic ‘Eye Test’ Cummings – unceremoniously undermined the authority of his predecessor, Sajid Javid, to the point of provoking his resignation.

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If Sunak terminates the furlough rescue operation and unemployment soars, he may find himself diving from hero to zero

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