Debt in developing countries has doubled in less than a decade


Jubilee Debt Campaign reveals a sharp rise in the number of countries in distress since 2018

Developing nation debt has more than doubled in the past decade and has left more than 50 countries facing a repayment crisis, according to a campaign group.

New data from the Jubilee Debt Campaign showed that even without taking full account of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic there had been a sharp jump in the number of poor countries in debt distress since 2018.

Country-by-country annual external government debt payments, as a percentage of government revenue

The extent to which a whole country (public and private sector) was a net financial creditor or debtor to the rest of the world

The size of a country’s private external debt

How much a country was paying to and earning from the rest of the world each year (its current account balance)

IMF debt risk ratings

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