'Lifting coronavirus restrictions too early would be a disaster'


Panel of experts says government must not risk pitting the economy against public health

The lifting of coronavirus restrictions by the government could risk pitting the economy against public health, triggering a higher death toll and double-dip recession, two of the country’s top economists have warned.

In a warning to ministers, Lord Nicholas Stern, the leading climate economist and former Treasury mandarin, and Sir Tim Besley, a former rate-setter at the Bank of England, said an abrupt and premature easing of lockdown would be counterproductive in the fight to save jobs and reboot Britain’s economy from the coronavirus recession.

Workplace rotation schemes to limit physical interaction and the spread of the disease

Subsidies for workplace testing to control outbreaks, particularly in key industries and sectors with more human contact

Boosting sick pay to remove a disincentive for self-isolation

Drawing up a recovery plan that capitalises on net-zero carbon commitments, boosting job creation in green industries

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