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8.44am BST

Asia-Pacific stock markets have already posted gains this morning.

The pick-up in Chinese factory gate inflation, and Donald Trump’s move to unilaterally extend jobless benefits, both lifted shares in the region.

The main development over the weekend was the decision by President Trump to sign four executive orders to provide more fiscal support for the US economy after the Republicans and Democrats failed to reach a bipartisan agreement. The executive orders include extending enhanced unemployment benefits at $400 per week which is a reduction from recent support at $600 per week….

The fresh stimulus provided by President Trump through executive orders is better than none at all and provides a stop gap solution. Pressure remains though on both the Democrats and Republicans to reach a more substantial and durable compromise solution.

8.23am BST

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China inflation data in July: CPI: 0.6%M, 2.7%Y, core: 0.5%Y, and PPI: -2.4%Y (June: -3.0%Y), #pork prices rose 85.7% on a yearly basis, chart @economics

The data adds to mounting evidence that the economic recovery in China is not only solid, but also gaining momentum, boosting optimism that the world’s second largest economy will offer serious support to the global economic recovery.

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