The cost of Covid-19 may yet divide No 10 from the Treasury | William Keegan


We should not be worrying about paying the pandemic bill yet. But some will worry – and Tory tensions may rise

Sebastian Haffner, who was a distinguished correspondent for the Observer after the second world war, was in Berlin during the 1930s before escaping to Britain, and witnessed with horror the rise of Hitler and the assault on treasured public institutions.

After Haffner’s death, his son Oliver – with whom I was at school – discovered a manuscript written by his father of what it was like to see the decay of civilised standards. It became a bestseller in Germany, and Oliver translated it into English. The book was published here under the title Defying Hitler – catchy but somewhat misleading, because, of course, most didn’t defy Hitler.

As has been noted by almost anyone who watched Sunak’s presentation of his mini-budget, Johnson’s body language was a sight to behold

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