Five key areas Sunak must tackle to serve up economic recovery


With bad economic news coming hard on the heels of the ‘mini-budget’, we look at the issues the chancellor must address in time for autumn

The direction of travel is set. After four months of lockdown, Boris Johnson last week announced fresh plans to get more companies to bring employees back to workplaces across England from August. Getting life back as close to normal as possible by Christmas is the prime minister’s aim, but significant challenges remain on Britain’s road to recovery, as was demonstrated by a series of worrying economic updates.

Figures out last week showed that Britain’s economy failed to rebound by as much as had been hoped in May, when the prime minister first attempted to relax lockdown controls. The Office for Budget Responsibility killed off the idea of a rapid bounce-back, and warned that by Christmas unemployment could hit levels not seen since the 1980s.

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